April 29, 2008

Miscellaneous News

It's been slow in the CAP world, but there is a national conference coming up. I found a policy letter from Brig. Gen. Courter rescinding the U.S. Civil Air Patrol tapes, and changing the CAP Command patch to exclude the "U.S." part. There were other uniform items approved for the Air Force style uniform, but the policy letter said they were not yet approved by the Air Force. The policy letter can be found here.

But the most interesting thing is probably the new slogan: Citizens serving Communities: Above and Beyond. I like this much better than "More than meets the skies". Firstly, it's not cheesy. Secondly, it gets the message across about what we do much easier. "Citizen serving communities" can mean a lot of different things, but sends the right message.

I'll see you all around the block as soon as some interesting news comes up!

April 13, 2008

New Site: CAPlopedia

I was cleaning out my favorites today when I noticed a peculiar site. The CAPlopedia is an interesting endeavor by one 2nd Lt. Reuben Tamblingson, CAP. Although it focuses mostly on Cadet Programs, with some work and ideas it could become a valuable resource for both new and old members alike.

One of the most promising features is the forums. Since the close of the Civil Air Portal in 2006, many of us, myself included, have been looking for a place to go online and trade ideas. CAPTalk is one such place, but it lacks the innovative "can do" spirit the old Civil Air Portal had. This new site could become that site's successor.

I'll be registering my username today...I invite all to drop by and check it out. Tell your friends, too!