February 26, 2007

Legislation to Involve CAP

Brought to me by RiverAux over at CAPTalk and via VFMZ-TV online:

A local congressman has a plan designed to improve security around the U-S
border. Representative Charlie Dent is scheduled to hold a news conference
tomorrow in Allentown to discuss his plan. The legislation involves increasing
the role of the Civil Air Patrol in Homeland Security. The Civil Air
Patrol is a volunteer organization that is often used in emergency situations
for things like search and rescue. Congressman Dent's meeting is scheduled for
11o'clock Monday morning at the Queen City Municipal Airport in Allentown. Dent
is scheduled to introduce the legislation in Washington on Tuesday.

Overall, I like this. I can't wait to read the actual bill and see just what our new mission would be. As a CAP member, I sincerely hope this bill passes. Anything to increase our mission in Homeland Security is a good thing. It's back to basics for us. It's what we do.

The article and a video can be found at http://wfmz.com/view/?id=65615

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