March 19, 2007

Missing Boy Scout, Found Aircraft

From CNN:

WILKESBORO, North Carolina (CNN) -- Authorities searching for a 12-year-old Boy Scout missing since Saturday found his mess kit near where he had been
camping with members of his troop near the Blue Ridge Parkway, officials told CNN Sunday.
The missing boy, Michael Auberry, of Greensboro, North Carolina, had remained with an adult at the campsite while other scouts went for a hike, said Dave Bauer of the Blue Ridge Parkway National Park Service.
When the other scouts returned, they ate lunch with Michael who later disappeared from the camp, Bauer said. Once scouts and their leaders noticed Michael was not
in camp, they began a search and, within a half hour, called the park service,
Bauer said. More than 100 people searched nearly 10 square miles of
wilderness in western North Carolina Helicopters equipped with infrared
heat-sensing devices joined the effort Sunday as did searchers on all-terrain
vehicles, David Weldon, the search commander said.

Good Hunting Guys. Bring him home safe. Story found at
UPDATE: On a lighter note, Oregon Wing was activated to search for a downed airplane. They found it. Bravo Zulu People! (

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