April 12, 2007


Going through some of my favorites today, I came across an oldie, but a goodie. Since CAP lacks any sort of Wikipedia for itself, I remember following the RescueWiki since it's beginning. I wrote the initial page on Air Search, but really didn't do much after. Visiting the site again today after a long absense, it's apparently closed down. However, since we can still update, it might not be too late to save it

Please visit http://www.rescuewiki.com and do some kind of editing.

Thank you

UPDATE: Closed...nevermind

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Primary Author: KidMystic said...

Wiki's are hard to get off the ground. You need to develop some significant buy-in from a large community to create momentum.

The CadetStuff Wiki is still alive, but struggling to find that momentum.


Check out the Uniform History page, lots of really cool stuff there!