July 26, 2007

NIMS Training, Sir! Part 2

I blogged about a month ago about the new requirement for ES personnel: the NIMS courses. I was kind of confused when CAPTalk didn't explode with talk on the new requirement, and I was also taken aback when Blog god Midway Six said nothing on CAPBlog. Since work has prevented me from participating in CAP for the past month, and I didn't have the full e-mail, I was curious as to what was going on. Last night I was able to clear it up a little.

From my DOS:

Every member with an ES Specialty rating will have to go online and complete ICS 100 &700. Depending on your specialty rating, you will be required to complete certain [other] courses... At this time this is not a requirement and is subject to change. I can tell you it is currently under review at National."

I will be putting together a spreadsheet with all the courses required. Although the original E-mail I have is fine, for those of us who didn't get the original e-mail, it will provide a guide for what has to be done. I will try to upload the spreadsheet later today or tomorrow.

Please be aware that I take this change to be tentative pending national approval. However, I hope that it is approved at the national level.

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