August 15, 2007


Ever since Tedda closed the incredibly awesome and addicting "Civil Air Portal", those of us needing somewhere to talk about the CAP to the Blogs and CAPTalk. The remnants of Civil Air Portal can be seen on CAPTalk, and those mini-people adorning some signatures.

But Tedda has returned with his new "Flying Minutemen" site. The most amusing part is clearly the banners at the top, ranging from a Men in Black parody to the infamous CAP Cigarette woman saying things that belong on naughty T-shirts from Wal-Mart. (My favorite is the title.) In addition, he has added a comic called "Auger In", the first episode is well thought out and true. (I think that happened to me once...)

Lotsa potential here. Kinda wish it had the forums again. (plug)

1 comment:

FM said...

Naughty T-shirts from Wal-Mart... bwahahahahaha! :D