August 30, 2007

"We are Knights of the Round Table..."

I was amused this morning to find this on CAPBlog.

I wasn't sure weather or not this was someone's idea of a joke, but after reading the discussion on CAPTalk, it's for real folks.

Although I don't think a sword is necessarily the right thing, some ceremonial accoutrement is definitely in order. Fireman get a hatchet or bugle depending on who you talk to. I believe Cops get a ceremonial pistol.

However, Sandman makes a valid point in the above forum about CAP and the Sword:
Have we already forgotton we have earned the sword? What about the sub-chasers of WW2? Pilots who have perished in support of the war effort? Getting shot at intentionally for the war effort (towing targets)? CAP was born out of combatant history.

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