September 10, 2007

MDWG signs an MOU with the Maryland Military Department

From the Maryland Wing Website:
Maj. Gen. Bruce Tuxill, Adjutant General of Maryland, and Col. Gerard Weiss, Maryland Wing commander, signed the document which formalizes the agreement to support each other in accomplishing their respective missions.


For many years, the two groups have supported one another without a formal agreement. The Maryland National Guard provides logistic and personnel for the annual Tri-Wing Encampment, along with providing cadets with orientation flights in C-130s and base tours. Warfield Air National Guard base provides ramp space for CAP’s GA-8 Airvan and allows CAP to use their facilities as needed for functions such as the cadet ball and Cadet Advisory Council picnic. In addition, the Guard assists the Maryland Wing with legislative support for funding.

“I continue to be impressed by the professionalism our volunteer members display while working side by side with our Army and Air National Guard counterparts,” said Major Joe Winter, Maryland Wing director of cadet programs and Wing military liaison officer. “The dedication of our members helps ease the stress of the guard members who are deployed all around the world.”


"Our partnership with the MMD should serve as a benchmark for CAP Wing and state guards throughout the country.” [Winter said].

The MOU covered not just the National Guard elements, but also the Maryland Emergency Management Agency and the Maryland Defense Force. Colonel Weiss has done a great job in MDWG to bring us more in line with the Real Military, and this seems to be not just a great payoff, but the next logical step. I look forward to working with them in the future. Read the entire article here.

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