January 6, 2008

Harrison Ford: Pilot

Firstly, Happy New Year! First post of 2008.

And now, onto our regular...er....semi-regularly scheduled programming.

Ever since I was 5 and saw Star Wars for the first time I always thought Harrison Ford was the man. Of course, it's been many years since then, and the actor has had many flops in the past few years. I was on youtube last night, and I found this video of him talking about his flight experience. I know it echos my own feelings towards flight, and I imagine that it does for many others.

It should be noted that the actor offers his services as a helicopter pilot to Teton County Search and Rescue; one of them is chronicled on wikipedia. Additionally, Ford is the chairman of EAA's Young Eagles.

Another Note: I have not had a chance yet to upload the picture from my last post. My scanner has been broken since late-november. I will post it when I have an opportunity.

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