May 20, 2008

E.S. Training Opportunity

If you read my previous post, I alluded to the fact that the USDRC's leadership all have the SGAUS's Military Emergency Management Specialist badges. I also commented on the value I thought the program would give the member.

For those that do not know, the program is designed to take military officers and men, civilian government employees and emergency services professionals and give them training on how to better deal with emergency situations. The program itself is designed for the State Guards, but is also used by other government organizations, such as the Medical Reserve Corps (MRC). The training consists of FEMA ICS courses (many of which we have already taken), a narrative, and further training that may include an internship at an actual Emergency Operations Center.

I was looking at the brochure again after work, and noticed that there are liaison officers with several government and private agencies. One of them was the aforementioned Medical Reserve Corps, but another that stood out was the American Cadet Alliance. The ACA is like our cadet program, but has no emergency services component. Therefore, I found it curious that members would be interested in pursuing this class. However, it is a cool course to take, and I applaud them in their effort.

I am puzzled further by the fact that neither the CAP nor the Coast Guard Auxiliary have agency liaisons for this program. Could it be that we are a government agency and the SGAUS is private? No, because the MRC is also government, and they have a liaison. An answer to this question escapes me, still.

I have little doubt that CAP officers have undergone this training. I also have little doubt that it aided in developing them professionally as emergency services officers and professionals. It may seem all too logical to have a liaison in place for those members (such as myself) who would like to take this training.

Any readers who have undergone this training, I would like to hear of your experiences. Please comment below.


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