May 17, 2007

By any Other Name...

I looked at the calendar today and realized that in less than 2 months I will no longer be a flight officer. That's right, on July 13 I will turn 21. In addition to the other benefits that come with age, I get to finally become an 'officer'. Of course , that means that I will no longer be a 'Flight Officer', which means that it will be time for a new blog name. Since I can't come up with anything witty, creative or fun, I figure it would be appropriate to open it up to suggestions.

Feel free to post any suggestions for a new name as long as it's appropriate. Nothing over PG guys.

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Primary Author: KidMystic said...

Stick with the current title, just include a biography on your profile. You are one of the few CAP members to progress through the Flight Officer ranks, and can keep that heritage prominent in your blog.