May 18, 2007

New Plane: The Kodiak

I was sitting at my airport today taking a break from studying for the Private Pilot Practical, when I picked up the most recent edition of Flying Magazine. I flipped it open to find the Quest Aircraft Kodiak. Intrigued, I looked into it further, thinking of it's utilization in CAP.

Far sleeker and (dare I say it) sexier than any of our current aircraft, the Kodiak seems like a natural fit in our Search and Rescue missions. According to Flying, it was designed with STOL capability, and can fly for 5.8 hours without refuling. It does, however, burn fuel much faster than our Cessnas, but not more than our Airvans.

The aircraft itself is still awaiting certification from the FAA. With the possibility of new missions along the border, a rugged, larger aircraft might be on the list. If I were National Headquarters I would look into this aircraft further. (Now to figure out a way to bring in my beloved PC-12.)

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