May 14, 2007

Red Gear for Ground Teams

For those of us working on some Ground Team Rating (be it GTM-3, 2, 1 or GTL), some states require us to have Red gear as opposed to the more ubiquitous cammo. Disregarding the recommendations in the GT Manual, which calls for orange or red, without a doubt the most common form of Ground Team gear is Standard Military Issue. The reason, it's cheap and available. And for the most part, one can get away with it. Except for those of us in a Wing where that's the only thing allowed, and enforced by all.

But for those of us who are new, and can't get away with the excuse "But I've had this set forever", we need to find some red gear. So where is one to get this stuff? Wal-Mart? (yes, but how professional does that look?) That is exactly the conversation that happened at CAPTalk today. And so, as is their way, the post-ers came to save the day. Many sites were posted, and the one I liked the best was this one at right. Less than $60, and resembling the Web Gear I already have, This looks like the best bet. I'm ordering mine as soon as my next paycheck and let you all know

found here

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